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#PR - VENUS LUX’s TransGlobal Magazine Debuts New Podcast And Columns.

The transgender resource continues to expand with inspiring additions.

For Immediate Release: October 23rd, 2015

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Venus Lux’s TransGlobal Magazine (http://www.transglobalmagazine.com) introduces engaging new features. In an effort to present entertaining and thought provoking elements, TGM has added The Venus Lux Show podcast and “Transparent as a Trans-parent” column to its growing selection of offerings.

The Venus Lux Show is an adaption of the popular Venus Rising column where listeners are provided an in depth look at the award winning transsexual mogul. The weekly show will also feature special co-hosts, guest appearances and more.

One of the new columns to make it’s debut is “Transparent as a Trans-parent.” The column reveals the reality of being a transgender parent. Written by Venus, the star is unapologetically frank about caring for a minor and unique situations that occur.

TransGlobal doesn’t just cater to the transgender community,” said Venus. “We want everyone to feel welcome and hopefully create a better understanding of who we are. The addition of these new features, helps in that ideal.”

TGM recently welcomed Daphne Dorman, a new writer to the site. Daphne volunteers at the San Francisco LGBT Center serving as the instructor for Transcode, a series of classes aimed at training transgender members of our community for a career in technology. Daphne will be writing a column for TransGlobal, presenting her point of view for the site.

Writers, photographers or anyone with creative contributions may contact the TGM at office@transglobalmagazine.com to submit their ideas.

TransGlobal Magazine debuts The Venus Lux Show podcast and “Transparent as a Trans-parent.” Expect additions to the growing transgender community site!


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