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Evil Unities In The Horror/Action Comic Book RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS


The Monstar Horror Universe series that will thrill fans of classic monsters comes alive with Issue #0.

For Immediate Release: March 28th, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) First-time Comic Book creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond ( debuts the initial title from the Monstar Horror Universe imprint - RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS. The story features a female-centric group of monsters who meet to face an impending threat.

Action and horror fans will love this exciting and unique take on classic monsters. Featuring new heroines Countess Dracula, Mistress Hyde, and Madame Beastress, this introductory look into the Monstar Horror Universe aims to excite readers.

"I've had a lifelong passion for classic monsters," said Alexander. "From films of Universal that featured Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff to the movies of Hammer that starred Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS is my take on the gene with all the action, adventure, and blood a horror fan will enjoy."

The four-story book is 23 pages and is in full color. Multiple teams of creators contributed to this first electrifying issue.

Interested readers can fund this issue via a Kickstarter campaign. Perks include variant covers, exclusive merchandise, and comic books autographed by cover cosplayer Tanya Tate. Back RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS #0 is at

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Strategize Geek Media Opportunities With Alexander "Monstar" Raymond At Wondercon


Monstar will also be at the show to promote the Kickstarter launch of his RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book.

For Immediate Release: March 22nd, 2023

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Comic Book creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond ( will appear at the upcoming Wondercon convention on March 24th. Monstar will promote the Kickstarter launch for the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS #0 comic book and participate in the "How to Get News Coverage" panel.

The "How to Get News Coverage" panel benefits small press publishers, indie comic book creators, and people interested in gaining notice for their geek media projects. Monstar will join a panel of professionals that includes journalists, reporters, and writers, that can assist creators in making an impact with their press outreach. The "How to Get News Coverage" panel occurs on March 24th at 2:00 pm in Room 209. Find more information at

"This panel is essential for anyone looking to establish themselves in the geek media," said Monstar. "Working in publicity for nearly two decades, I've witnessed its constant evolution. Keeping up with new techniques is very important."

Also, on March 24th, Monstar launches the Kickstarter campaign for the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS #0 comic book. Action and horror fans will love this thrilling female-centric take on classic monsters. Featuring new heroines Countess Dracula, Mistress Hyde, and Madame Beastress, this introductory look into the Monstar Horror Universe aims to excite readers. Perks for this campaign will include variant covers, exclusive merchandise, and comic books autographed by cover cosplayer Tanya Tate. The pre-launch page for RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS #0 is at

Looking to level up your media presence? This weekend at Wondercon, RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS creator Alexander "Monstar" Raymond will share his strategies!

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RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS Comic Book Variant Cover Spotlight - MG Curves!


The Kickstarter campaign for Alexander "Monstar" Raymond's comic book - Rise of the Femonsters is almost finished. But we still need your help to make sure it reaches its funding goal. Consider pledging on Kickstarter to make sure this comic book comes to life at Monstar shares his story about one of the comic's variant covers:  

MG Curves rendered this incredible cover. He was actually recommended to me by a client, but I knew his work before. I had seen his erotic pin-ups of well-known actresses and appreciated his unique style.

I reached out to him, and aside from providing a couple of reference images, I just let him do his thing. I really loved the colors he used, evoking a real Emanuele Taglietti vibe.

The artwork features RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS' main vampire Countess Dracula (inspired by Tanya Tate). The Countess is sitting back and enjoying a glass of (?)

She is wearing a sheer robe and cozily relaxing on the couch in her castle. If you look behind the Countess, you may notice her prized sword is right behind her.

This cover is available via a pledge or add-on and comes with a bonus trading card.

The campaign to get RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book funded is open now through August 31st. Click here to back the comic book!

#INTERVIEW: Alexander "Monstar" Raymond Talks Femonsters' Rise With First Comics News


Countess Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, The Beastress...these are some of the characters you'll meet in the upcoming RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book by Alexander "Monstar" Raymond.

Monstar is currently raising money via Kickstarter to complete the action/horror comic. A homage to Hammer Horror, Universal Monsters, and Marvel's Legion of Monsters, RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS features a gang of monsters battling it out for a mystic ornament that contains the secrets of life and death.

When talking about RISE, Monstar said it contained "A lot of action. I want this to feel like a thrill ride. I knew If I were going to make any type of impression and get people talking, I needed to come out swinging. The first draft was overwhelming. I had to work on the pacing to instill more character development and give the reader a chance to breathe. But, yeah, issue one should come with seatbelts."

Read Monstar's entire interview on First Comics News here:

Back the RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS comic book on Kickstarter here:

Watch the trailer below:

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS Comic Book Kickstarter Reaches Over 30% Funding!


Alexander "Monstar" Raymond ( launched a crowdfunding campaign earlier this week for his action/horror Comic Book RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS. So far, the campaign has reached 31% of its targeted funding of $6,666.00. The money accumulated will be used to complete the comic book and pay for printing.

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS features a group of beautiful monsters teaming up to save the world from an evil mummy hellbent on vengeance and controlling the undead.

RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS is the first comic book in Alexander's Monstar Horror Universe imprint.

Watch the trailer for RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS below:

Help RISE OF THE FEMONSTERS meet its goal by backing it on Kickstarter here:

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INTERVIEW: Alexander “Monstar” Raymond’s Ynot Interview on Publicity and Pornstar PR - Unedited

Monstar Alexander Raymond Star Factory PR Publicity

The good people at requested an interview from me about adult star publicity. Now, I rarely do interviews. In the ten years that I have been doing adult star publicity, I may have only done five. The last interview I did was for CNN about two years ago when I was still at Digital Playground. Mainly, because if there is an interview opportunity, I would prefer I get a client into the spot.

But I like Ynot so I thought I would answer the questions that they sent over. When the collection of interviews was posted some of my answers were not used. Which is all good, and up to their editors. However, being one not to let my work slip by I thought I would post all my answers here, in their entirety as supplemental info to the Ynot piece.

Alexander Raymond
Co-Founder of StarFactoryPR & owner of

1) Why does a porn star need a PR agent?

Short answer: because people are not going to know how great you are unless they have someone telling them. Long answer: it takes a team to cultivate and sustain a successful career. There are a lot of beautiful and talented people out there, so what makes one stand out from another? Creating awareness.

2) What do they pay you for your services?


3) But surely porn stars have succeeded without needing PR agents?

Anything is possible. There are girls now, who never had a publicist who are very recognizable names. Yes, they might be able to succeed without a PR agent, but they do probably had a solid support team - agent, manger, etc. Though, it makes you wonder how much further could they have gone with someone has a the contacts, the established connections to the media make more things happen for them.

For example, anyone can write a “press release” and send it over to AVN and Xbiz. But we have more contacts than that. Not only, look at the quality of a Star Factory PR press release. Look how much “meat on the bone” there is. We have an established technique that has succeeded for nearly a decade. We know what grabs people’s attention and draws them in. We know what angles to use, what media outlets are looking for. That is what we bring to the table.

Can someone succeed on their own? Sure. But that is an rarity. Why not stack the odds in your favor by hiring someone who is experienced in the field of promotion?

4) What tangible extra income and opportunities do you provide to your clients?

That is a tough one to answer, because we are not agents. An agent’s job is to get people booked and put money in a client’s pocket. A publicist’s job is to promote the projects said client is working on. However, because of who we are and our established longevity, there are opportunities that present themselves, paying opportunities. Such as appearances or a “paid promotion” type avenues.

5) What opportunities might they miss without your help?

 Star Factory PR has connections that go back 10 years. Our job, daily, is to strengthen the contacts we have and establish new ones. Client/Talent just cannot do that on the scale that we do. Can not dedicate the time or resources to seek out these opportunities. They are busy performing, staying in shape, formulating new projects.

6) Please name a porn star whose career has benefited from your assistance, and what you have done for them?

I’ll give you the perfect example - Tanya Tate. In just the relatively short amount of time that she is been in the industry, five years, she’s been on the cover AVN, been on the cover of FHM Magazine in Turkey. Been in a theatrical documentary, The Aroused Project, photographed by acclaimed photographer Deborah Anderson. Seen on a nationally broadcast UK reality program. Taken part of panels at Comic Con, appeared at several conventions and won a slew of awards.

This is a perfect example of a symbiotic relationship between talent and a publicist. We are both on the same page as to how she wants to be promoted and has an open mind to the projects I propose. Because she trusts me to do the job that I do and she has the drive, determination and the wherewithal to aggressively pursue those avenues of publicity.

That quality is very hard to find. A lot of people will pay a publicist money and sit back and expect magic to happen. It doesn’t work like that. There has to be that symbiotic relationship. A publicist is going to keep you busy, because that is what it takes to make a successful career.

7) How do you cut through the clutter of all the porn stars out there?

What Star Factory PR does is we meet with potential clients and look for that unique special trait that they have and we broadcast it. We try to go beyond the superficial stature of performer, because there are hundreds of performers out there, and find what makes our someone stand out.

8) What are the signs of a bad porn PR agent?

I think if someone tries to hard sell you, that’s a warning sign. If it’s too good to be true it probably is. If they are busy burying other PR companies in the initial meeting, that is a bad sign. I tell people to shop around, see who works better for you. A bad PR person doesn’t want you to shop around.

9) How do you shop for a good porn PR agent; what are the things to look for?

Do your homework. Look at a PR company’s track record. See what their strengths are and see what their weaknesses are. Don’t go by how much they cost because if you paying less for bad PR, you may as well spend nothing.

What is their turn over rate? Why are people leaving/staying? Look for more than just a weekly press release. Who are they pitching their clients to. I saw one “publicist” pitching their client to someone on Twitter who doesn’t even have a website yet. How is that a quality contact? I’m not going to waste my client’s time, have them do an interview somewhere, that is not going to have any traction.

You should be your own unique individual and a publicist should strive to feature that.

ALEXANDER “Monstar” RAYMOND Of STAR FACTORY PR Receives NIGHTMOVES Special Recognition Award!


The accomplished adult industry publicist is recognized for an exciting and unparalleled career.

For Immediate Release: October 3rd, 2011

(Hollywood, CA) The Monstar gets his due! At the 2011 NightMoves Awards  a special recognition award will be presented to Alexander "Monstar" Raymond of Star Factory PR for his work behind the scenes in adult entertainment. Raymond is the co-founder of Star Factory PR, a publicity team with over half a decade of service in the adult industry. Working with some of the adult entertainment's biggest stars, Star Factory PR brooke ground by providing publicity to individual performers and continues to leap forward with new avenues of exposure for its clients. In addition to publicity services, Raymond has been involved with some of industry's biggest events; from the AVN Awards red carpet to working with Exxxotica expos, Raymond has been there. Now, NightMoves recognizes Raymond's contributions with the Adella Award.

"Alex from Star Factory PR has been a big help for many years for the NightMoves Awards weekend as we can always count on him to represent the top, most professional talent in the business," said Paul Allen, Publisher of NightMoves Magazine "The Adella Award represents excellence in the adult industry and its recipients are selected for the positive effects of their actions within it.  We are proud to recognize Alex with this year’s Adella Award."

This award has previously accoladed accomplished industry professionals like Dan Davis, Brian Gross and Katy Zvolerin. Raymond is ecstatic to be joining the ranks of that exceptional group.  

“It is an honor receive this award from NightMoves,” Alexander said. “The NightMoves Awards have a rich history that spans nearly two decades, and to be in the company of the previous recipients of this award is very thrilling.”

Due to a previous commitment, Raymond will not be able to attend the 19th annual awards show, but has prepared a statement:

"I thank Paul and Tracy Allen, and all the staff at NightMoves that have shown Star Factory PR their continued support. I need also thank Star Factory PR co-founder Mike Moz who gave the company direction, guidance and made the first half decade an unforgettable success with his unique talents, Dan Davis and Steve Javors - personal and professional friends that lent support when needed, J. Handy and the staff at Exxxotica - for their continued acceptance of my ideas and abilities, the current, past and future clients of Star Factory PR who have trusted me with their careers, Peter Warren and everyone at AVN, Alec and Moe Helmy from Xbiz, Dr. X and his crew and EMM Report, Stormy Daniels who is the person in this industry to provide me with my first opportunity and aided me in establishing myself, my staff at Star Factory PR and most importantly Tanya Tate, who not only believes in my capabilities, but helps me expand upon them every day with her support."

The 19th annual NightMoves Awards is set to take place October 10th at the Round Up located at 13918 W. Hillsborough Ave in Tampa. More information may be found on the show's official website

Being recognized with this special NightMoves award is a memorable milestone in the career of Alexander "Monstar" Raymond and Star Factory PR! The forward moving publicity team continues its path of success.

For more information on Star Factory PR:


[email protected]

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