Jordan Studios

Now Professionally Staffed By Kenny DeMartines, JORDAN STUDIOS Available For Video Shoots!

Jordan Studios, Kenny DeMartines, Location, Set Design

Lead Studio Coordinator Kenny DeMartines will oversee the fully equipped studio for industry production companies.

For Immediate Release: November 17th, 2011

(Hollywood, CA) Spacious Jordan Studios will now have industry veteran Kenny DeMartines arranging and coordinating shoots at the location. Located in a quiet industrial neighborhood, Jordan Studios is a large 4800 square foot locale that is well suited for all types of video shoots. The Chatsworth location specializes in creating the perfect settings needed for big budget features or smaller gonzo style shoots. Kenny is well experienced in set decoration and has worked in adult video for well over two decades. His lengthy list of credits date back to work with the Dark Bros. and is known for his association with Hustler projects since 1983. Now, Kenny will be heading up Jordan Studios, ensuring that production companies' needs are not only met, but surpassed.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to help Jordan Studios achieve their goal of providing creative, budget friendly production services to the film community," Kenny said.

Jordan Studios, Kenny DeMartines, Location, Set DesignKenny's
work at Jordan Studios has already brought the studio to a point of immaculate cleanliness and packed it with creative environments. Themed sets include a Locker room/gym/dance studio connected to large walk-in shower/bathroom, a doctor's office/hospital room with hospital bed, a classroom, executive offices, bedrooms, restaurant/nightclub/stripclub/bar and more. Further, custom designs and settings can be created by Kenny, tailor made for whatever a shoot may require.

Jordan Studios currently features:

10' and 12' flats with attached ceiling options

A Spacious open floor plan

A Wide variety of furniture and accessories to choose from

Make-up room and two Private bathrooms

Jordan Studios 001Central heating and air conditioning

Lounge area

Plenty of front and street parking

Roll-up gate for easy loading and unloading

Insured & permitted

Wifi access and onsite printing

Booking and appointments for Jordan Studios can be made via the website; or call (818)421-2443.

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